New Vehicle Transports Hurricanes Across Land

LAKE CITY, IA – It’s nowhere near Hurricane season on the coast, but in the middle of Iowa thunder can be heard nearby. It’s emitting from within a 26-foot enclosed trailer covered with stormy graphics. The rear door opens and the source of the rumble is revealed: a brand new Hurricane 427 Roadster. It’s a legendary sports car hand-built in Iowa and sold across the world – and the new “Hurricane Shelter” is designed to transport it to its destination in safety and style.

As the new Hurricane Motorsports company makes preparations for its first cars to be completed, it needed a suitable means to ship cars to shows, events, and track days. A handmade, open-cockpit sports car, the Hurricane requires protection from the elements as well as a coach that rides in style. The Hurricane Shelter was the perfect solution for both. The outside is equipped with plenty of chrome and a v-nose for aerodynamics. The entire exterior is wrapped in full-color graphics of checkered flags, storm clouds, the car itself, and the tagline, “Legendary thrill.” Under its aluminum exterior you’ll find some unexpected creature comforts for events: air conditioning, carpet, and a gas fireplace complete with a tile hearth and wood mantle. It all adds up to a vehicle worthy of transporting fine sports cars.

Beyond its primary function of delivering Hurricanes, the Shelter also acts as a high-visibility marketing tool, a rolling billboard. The company recently took the Shelter on a cross-country test drive. Steve Sinnard, Executive VP of Hurricane Motorsports reports, “It’s exciting to see people’s reactions on the road. We get a lot of interested stares and enthusiastic waves and reactions. We’re waiting for the numbers to come back this month and see if it caused a spike in our website visitors.” Indeed, the Shelter may inspire a new dream car in many highway travelers. If you happen to see it pass you by, it just may mean a Hurricane is soon to be unleashed nearby.