Hurricane Motorsports Featured on Performance TV

Hurricane Motorsports, a legendary name in kit car production, will be featured in an upcoming episode of Velocity’s Performance TV. On a program airing Saturday, May 5, the automotive-focused show will spotlight Hurricane’s 427 Roadster and its unique features. The high-performance car brand, based in Lake City, Iowa, has grown in popularity since being acquired and re-launched by McLaughlin Family Companies in 2009.

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Climb in a Cobra for a burnout ride on Main

Hurricane Motorsports 427 Roadster

By Kristy Zurbrick | Madison Messenger

Curvy, colorful cars with loud, powerful engines will roar into London on June 22 for the annual London Cobra Show.

Each year, the Ohio Cobra Club hosts the show in conjunction with the London Strawberry Festival. At 9 a.m. that day, the drivers of nearly 170 Cobra cars will parade into London. They start at the Speedway gas station at U.S. Route 42 and I-70, turn west on U.S. Route 40, then turn south onto State Route 56, wheeling into downtown London two abreast.

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The Official Raffle Car of the 2013 London Cobra Show

Hurricane Motorsports 427 Roadster

Hurricane Motorsports is proud to partner with the Ohio Cobra Club to provide the 2013 raffle car to the London Cobra Show in support of the fight against cystic fibrosis. Last year’s raffle raised more than $40,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and we want to top that in 2013!

Help support this important cause and you could drive away in this beautiful Hurricane 427 Roadster. Find more information and purchase your tickets at!

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Hurricane Announces Contest Winner

Earlier this month, Hurricane Motorsports was a proud participant in the Texas Cobra Club event, supporting Operation Comfort. During the event, we asked people to text in to win a Hurricane Motorsports jacket. The lucky winner was Gordon Sato! Congratulations to Gordon and thank you to everyone else who participated in the event and our contest. If you’d like to get your hands on a some great Hurricane apparel, check out our recently opened store.

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Hurricane’s Online Store Launches on All Cylinders

Gear & accessories now available through the car manufacturer’s website

When Scranton Manufacturing acquired Hurricane Motorsports in September 2009, the improved Hurricane 427 Roadster, known as the “legendary” #99, was the car that propelled Hurricane in new directions. Now with the online store, the Hurricane team is excited to push the brand further and provide enthusiasts with easy access to authentic Hurricane items.Hurricane Motorsports, maker of the 427 Roadster, just launched an online store for enthusiasts to adorn themselves — and their cars — with gear that expresses their passion for Hurricane. The “Hurricane Performance Shop,” launched on December 1, features clothing and accessories; ongoing expansion to the site will eventually include parts and upgrades. “We want to provide fans with items that articulate their passion for the Hurricane cars — and the lifestyle behind those cars,” said Mike McLaughlin, president of Scranton Manufacturing Co., Hurricane’s parent company. “The Performance Shop is just another step forward for Hurricane and enthusiasts since relaunching the brand.”

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Perfect Storm

It’s definitely Hurricane season again, but with a new intensity.

The original Hurricane Motorsports of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, was generally considered a top tier small manufacturer of Cobra replicas, offering an authentic 427 roadster as a very complete kit with all-new components. Near as we can determine they sold something like 122 cars in either kit or turnkey form…When you consider such disastrous storms as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and tsunamis, their return is not something that is particularly wished for. But, when cars named after these same disasters disappear, we seem to long for their return. Sadly though, few make a return to serve up their individual brands of stormy behavior. That is until now with the revival of Hurricane Motorsports set to wreak all sorts of havoc on the Cobra landscape.

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First New Customer Hurricane Storming the Streets

Enthusiast and owner Dean Lampe finishes first Hurricane Roadster

Lampe’s car — serial number HM-2002 — features a race-inspired independent rear suspension, a Wilwood big brake upgrade on both front and rear, and a detailed 1960s-era race interior. He customized his car with a Richmond Road Race Five Speed transmission and a 600-horsepower 482 side-oiler engine with Weber carburetors.Dean Lampe, a veteran replica car builder and racer, recently announced that he finished assembling his Hurricane 427 Roadster. “I’m thrilled with the way my car turned out,” Lampe wrote on the forum, where he first posted the news. Lampe was the first customer to purchase the newest Roadster from the revived Hurricane Motorsports, and more customer orders are currently being completed.

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New Hurricane Motorsports Roadster Unveiled

#99 car a symbol of new life for the company

The legend lives with the first of the incredibly accurate new series, adorned with a gloss black finish, titanium racing stripes, and serial number “HM 2001.” Its racing number, 99, signifies a rebirth of the Hurricane (the original Hurricane factory-owned car was adorned with the racing number 98). Hurricane 99 is now the flagship of the new Hurricane Motorsports, which was purchased by Scranton Manufacturing Co. of Scranton, Iowa, late last year. Features of the newly reengineered Hurricane include floor-mounted foot pedals, white gel-coat foot boxes in the engine compartment, and a riveted hood scoop.LONDON, OHIO – Hurricane Motorsports unveiled its newly reengineered Hurricane 427 Roadster to hundreds of enthusiasts attending the 2010 London Cobra Show. Classic sports car fans praised the Roadster’s new features and accuracy, which is designed to be even more “original” than the first generation of Hurricanes. The 427 is touted as being the most complete, accurate, and thrilling replica since the legendary Le Mans-winning models of the early 1960’s, which became the most sought-after American muscle cars in history.

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New Vehicle Transports Hurricanes Across Land

LAKE CITY, IA – It’s nowhere near Hurricane season on the coast, but in the middle of Iowa thunder can be heard nearby. It’s emitting from within a 26-foot enclosed trailer covered with stormy graphics. The rear door opens and the source of the rumble is revealed: a brand new Hurricane 427 Roadster. It’s a legendary sports car hand-built in Iowa and sold across the world – and the new “Hurricane Shelter” is designed to transport it to its destination in safety and style.

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