About Us

Hurricane Motorsports, incepted in Lee’s Summit, Missouri in 2005 made an initial 3-year run. Though the company was new on the scene at the time, their replicas gained respect among enthusiasts both on the streets and at the track. Hurricane owners raved over the car’s exacting quality, phenomenal customer service, kit completeness, and race-ready accuracy. Hurricane was thriving in this already well-established market, but a downturn in the economy in 2008 would force Hurricane to close its doors.

The doors of Hurricane wouldn’t stay closed for long. Along came Scranton Manufacturing, a McLaughlin Family Company, purchasing the inactive Hurricane Motorsports on September 21st, 2010 getting the Hurricane back on its wheels. Over the next couple of months, Scranton Manufacturing would reincarnate the Hurricane moving the operation to a new state, hiring an expert from the car’s past, and developing improvements to the production process.

The Hurricane Roadster continues to be known as one of the most complete and original looking kits on the market today offering a well-built 427 Roadster with all-new components. With an improved frame and body for added safety and authenticity, the legend lives stronger than ever.

Hurricane Motorsports strives to produce a quality product that will provide enjoyment to all your driving experiences. Cruising down the road, listening to the side pipes roar and feeling the wind in your hair is so enjoyable that you will never want to stop driving with the legend. Stop dreaming, start driving today!

As seen on Performance TV