Hurricane Motorsports Owners


When you own a Hurricane, you become part of a loyal group of enthusiasts committed to driving, racing, and loving life in and out of this incredible machine. Once you become an owner, you’ll find other Hurricane enthusiasts will give you a new identity, one which starts with “HM-.” Similar to the experience of piloting a powerful, open-cockpit sports car, Hurricane owners are constantly in pursuit of a life that’s exciting, open and free. It’s about more than just owning a certain kind of car. It’s about a genuine passion shared between those connected with this great machine: those who build it, those who drive it, and those who began the legend decades ago.

New Hurricane owners are immediately embraced in this culture, starting with our online owners-only forum, where they seek advice and technical help from those who’ve been there before. Hurricane Motorsports celebrates this passion by staying involved with owners long after the sales process is finished. The truth is, we are just as excited to see your new car come together as you are!

To our owners: Your passion has been a major contributor to the legend that is Hurricane Motorsports, and for that we thank you. You have made this car what it is today by providing your great insight, by showing off your cars, and by raving about it anywhere you can.

Be sure to stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube accounts. We look forward to hearing from you often, so keep coming back to chat and to find us at the next event.