The Return of Hurricane Motorsports!

One of the most talked-about names in kit car production, Hurricane Motorsports, has been acquired by Scranton Manufacturing Co. of Scranton, Iowa. This is the first official announcement of the acquisition which was finalized on Monday, September 21st, 2009. Hurricane Motorsports’ initial run of one hundred twenty-two Hurricane 427 Roadsters made waves in the kit car world and beyond, and loyal fans have been thirsting for more ever since. The new owners are ready to build excitement once again, bringing decades of related experience in product development, engineering and manufacturing. Scranton is especially skilled in frame welding and precision fiberglass molding. The company’s previous vehicle manufacturing experience includes the Litestar, a hybrid between car and motorcycle which featured a sleek, fiberglass jet plane design.

Scranton Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned manufacturer, perhaps most recognized for their success with New Way, a leading brand in the international waste industry. From the small town of Scranton, Iowa, the company purchased the little-known New Way refuse truck line in the 1980’s, making major improvements over the years and building a network of dealers across the globe. Scranton has also brought new life to other companies such as Bowie International, Porta-Vet, and Custom Fiberglass Coaches. These 3 brands are well-known in the veterinary and animal control industries, and all are manufactured at a Scranton Manufacturing facility in Lake City, Iowa. This facility specializes in high-quality fiberglass engineering and production, and will also be the new home of Hurricane Motorsports.

People at Scranton have been abuzz with anticipation over the past few months as the acquisition was coming together, and are very excited to move to the next step: preparing for production. Mike McLaughlin, President of Scranton, assures loyalists that the new owners have a deep respect of Hurricane’s reputation for exacting quality, phenomenal customer service, kit completeness, and race-ready accuracy. “We are committed to not only replicating the things we loved about the original, but constantly seeking ways to make it even better,” said Mike. Moving forward, Scranton is pleased to have the support and guidance of the original owners and staff of Hurricane, including a lead engineer and designer. Mike stated, “We’re excited to get the Hurricane back on the market as soon as possible, but we also have to take the time to ensure that it’s done right.”