Hurricane 427 Roadster Limited Production Slots Available

Hurricane Motorsports today revealed it will make available a limited number of 427 Roadsters prior to the 2010 production release of the legendary sports car. A handful of loyal Hurricane enthusiasts will be able to reserve a prime production slot and be the first to experience the thrill of owning and driving the new Hurricane. Exclusive slots can be reserved by calling 888.99.THRILL.

After months of development at its new Iowa home, Hurricane is now able to grant a limited number of prime slots to the original 122 owner enthusiasts as well as to some of those whom waited over 2 years to purchase a Hurricane 427 Roadster. The company is asking all original and current 427 Roadster owners to submit their contact information on the Hurricane website ( to receive exclusive information and provide feedback on future improvements and offerings.

The new Hurricane 427 Roadster is true in quality and form to the previous Hurricane. The company is not only using the original fiberglass molds and precision steel frame jigs, but the production is under the oversight of the original production supervisor. Scranton Manufacturing, with its years of steel and fiberglass expertise, has engineered several strategic improvements to the build process in order to deliver an even higher level of quality.

As before, the new Hurricane 427 Roadsters are being offered in various stages of assembly – from a base kit owners may assemble themselves to a turnkey minus (a completely assembled and painted car ready for engine, transm ission, and driveshaft).

Thrill seekers will find an array of options to customize their dream car, including IRS (Independent Rear Suspension), a limited slip differential, and other special optional features. Also, the 427 Street upgrade package will remain available for fans of the classic “street” look. All Hurricanes are manufactured with a precision steel frame and race suspension, so there is no use for a “donor car”.

For more options and pricing information, interested enthusiasts are encouraged to contact Hurricane Motorsports at 888.99.THRILL.