First New Hurricane 427 Roadster Body Comes Out of the Mold

First steel frame is also complete;
Special plans in store for first new Hurricane

There are only one hundred twenty-two authentic Hurricane 427 Roadsters in existence around the world (there are Hurricanes in Mexico, Belgium, and Indonesia), so the creation of car body number one hundred twenty-three is welcome news to those whom have been waiting nearly 2 years to purchase one themselves. The highly accurate shape and caliber of the Hurricane’s fiberglass body, as well as the car’s overall quality and completeness, have proven to be a major draw for enthusiasts. Steve Sinnard, the new vice president of Hurricane says, “It’s fantastic to see this great car coming to life again. The body came out just as expected with an excellent consistency and quality.” Sinnard says though the car is in preliminary production and not yet available for purchase, Scranton Manufacturing is already receiving many Hurricane order inquiries.Hurricane Motorsports is making rapid progress at its new home where new owners Scranton Manufacturing are diligently reviving the legendary roadster. The first fiberglass body in nearly 2 years has emerged from the original Hurricane mold, just days after the first steel frame received its final welds. Thursday, November 19th marked the birth of the first fiberglass body, which was captured in a photo revealing the car fresh out of the mold with a black gelcoat finish. The build staff at the high-performance car manufacturer (including original fabricator Jason Kovachevich, who is overseeing the entire process) is very pleased with the quality of the first Hurricane body made in a facility specializing in fiberglass. As for where the first new car will go from here, Hurricane is only saying there are special plans they believe will excite followers.

Hurricane believes its plans for the first new car will be exciting to its 427 Roadster owners and fans, symbolic of the car’s legendary performance as well as a new era for the company. The new Hurricane Motorsports expects to announce limited availability for orders in the near future. Details will continue to be announced as they become available.