Front Suspension

The Hurricane 427 Roadster’s suspension is designed to make the driver feel at home on the street or the racetrack.

Fully Adjustable Upper A-Arms

These A-arms offer a full range of adjustment – Caster, camber, and spacing can be easily adjusted without removing any suspension components. The swedge tubes can quickly be adjusted by hand after loosening the jam nuts. The A-Arms are built using racing certified parts. Extra holes in the frame allow for anti-dive to be configured in the front suspension.

Fully Adjustable QA1 Aluminum Coil-Over Shocks

The Hurricane fully adjustable coilovers include a shock valving system with a soft compression and adjustable rebound. This style valving offers an adjustable ride that cannot be compared to anything on the market. This part can withstand an enormous amount of pressure, making it one of the most durable coilover shocks on the market.

Kevlar Lined Heim Joints

High-strength, alloy steel rod ends with Teflon®/Kevlar® self-lubricating race. These heim joints are used to attach all of the suspension bracketry to the frame. They are extremely strong and result in a very positive connection to the frame which translates into improved steering and handling.

Rack & Pinion Steering

Rack and pinion steering has a unique and simple design, which results in great road feel, accuracy, and responsiveness. Rack and pinion steering units only consist of two linkage components, the inner and outer tie rods, which make this steering system very durable.

Unequal Length Tubular Upper & Lower A-Arms

Unequal upper and lower a-arms allow camber to change dynamically during cornering to help keep more tire surface in contact with the ground which translates into more responsive and predictable handling.