The Hurricane 427 Roadster frame is a custom built ladder style frame designed to provide excellent torsional rigidity along with precision hard mounts for critical safety components of the kit. The main rails are extremely strong 2″ X 4″ steel tubes with a wall thickness of 3/16″ (.180). All other frame steel is .120 wall tubing.

Note: Click and drag the model to view a 360° view of the Hurricane Frame. This PDF may take a few minutes to download on slower connections. If you are unable to view the model, you may need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Torsional Rigidity

We achieve a high level of torsional rigidity by utilizing a large X brace in the center section of the frame along with diagonal bracing to the rear riser section of the frame. A more rigid frame reduces chassis flex which maintains correct suspension geometry under hard cornering.

Critical Hard Mounting Points

We have engineered hard mount points into the frame for all hinges and latches, seat belts, seats, emergency brake and roll bar. An added level of safety is achieved by mounting critical components directly to the frame using gusseted brackets rather than mounting them to the fiberglass or to aluminum.

Round Tube Cross Braces

Traditional round tube cross braces are used between the front suspension towers to prevent flexing during hard cornering.

Reinforcing In Critical areas

The frame is reinforced in areas prone to stress such as near the motor mounts and over the rear axle.

Double Dropped Steel Foot Boxes

The frame includes a double dropped foot-box with 1/8″ steel plate floor pans. We’ve redesigned the foot box angling plate steel to provide improved foot room.

We have also recently redesigned the frame of the dashboard (seen below with the foot boxes).

Jig Built By Certified Welders

Each frame is built on a custom chassis jig to ensure consistent placement of critical mounting points every time. All welding is done by our certified welders.

Many parts are now cut by laser, or plasma cutters to improve part accuracy.