Fiberglass 1-Piece Body

From wheelbase to body shape, the Hurricane 427 Roadster is a period-correct roadster inspired by legendary supercars from one of the most exciting times in auto history. Many who see the Hurricane body in person insist it is an exact replica of an original race car from that era.

The Hurricane’s body incorporates Coremat® for superior durability. This high-strength material offers a lightweight method of increasing the structural stiffness of the body in key areas while adding a layer of protection. Coremat® protects the wheel wells from rocks and debris that could otherwise easily cause star cracking in the fiberglass.

Rolled Fender & Cockpit Edges

Why are rolled cockpit and fender edges so important? You will find that without rolled fender and cockpit edges, the edges are sharp and abrupt which are difficult to finish and can cause paint chipping in that area. Also, un-rolled edges have a rough appearance and can detract from the looks of the car. All of our kits come from the factory with rolled fender and cockpit edges. This will save you time and money as you begin to finish your creation. Producing a body with rolled edges takes a little longer to produce, but we feel it is a fine, yet important detail on an already great body.

Small, Tight Mold Seams Located In Convenient Locations

Our body features precise mold seams which enable easier, more consistent finishing. The Hurricane’s seams actually line up with the body to the point they are practically flush. These pictures display the seam lines exactly as they came out of the mold. Also, instead of locating the seams across the tops of the fenders where the curve is the greatest and most visible, we have placed our mold seam-lines on the lower sides of the body where they are the shortest and flattest. This allows greatly simplified, faster seam finishing.

Doors, Trunk, & Hood Have Inner & Outer Liners

This feature enables the inside and outside of the doors, trunk, and hood to have a smooth surface and appear more appealing to the eye. Having inner and outer liners also significantly reduces bodywork and makes the body more durable overall.

Removable Body

Another helpful feature of the Hurricane’s body is that it may be easily removed to simplify the painting and assembly processes.