Few parts of a car are more important than the brakes. That’s why our base model comes standard with powerful and light-weight 11” 4-wheel disc brakes. This will provide enough stopping power for most, but for that legendary supercar thrill, you may consider upgrading.

We have several upgrade packages available. From weight and performance upgrades to massive ceramic drilled, and slotted disc brake packages.

Front Disc Brakes

The kit comes complete with 11-inch rotors in front utilizing the popular GM® Metric caliper. Brake pads are included.

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Rear Disc Brakes

The kit includes 12-inch rotors on the rear of the car and features an integrated emergency brake in the rotor. SVO® calipers are utilized in the rear and come complete with pads.

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Wilwood® Pedal Assemblies

Wilwood®’s racing brake and clutch pedal assemblies are durable and lightweight.

Wilwood® Brake Master Cylinders

Each brake master cylinder is composed of high-pressure die-cast from high-grade aluminum for long lasting durability.

Remote Reservoirs

Provides easy access to check and fill your fluids.

Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Far superior to rubber brake lines because the stainless steel braid won’t expand under high temperatures and heavy usage.

Wilwood® Hydraulic Clutch, Master & Slave Cylinders

Provides a smoother clutch engagement compared to linkage style systems.