First New Customer Hurricane Storming the Streets

Enthusiast and owner Dean Lampe finishes first Hurricane Roadster

Lampe’s car — serial number HM-2002 — features a race-inspired independent rear suspension, a Wilwood big brake upgrade on both front and rear, and a detailed 1960s-era race interior. He customized his car with a Richmond Road Race Five Speed transmission and a 600-horsepower 482 side-oiler engine with Weber carburetors.Dean Lampe, a veteran replica car builder and racer, recently announced that he finished assembling his Hurricane 427 Roadster. “I’m thrilled with the way my car turned out,” Lampe wrote on the forum, where he first posted the news. Lampe was the first customer to purchase the newest Roadster from the revived Hurricane Motorsports, and more customer orders are currently being completed.

The new Hurricane model is reengineered to improve upon the first Hurricane series, which sold 122 hand-built cars worldwide. As an owner of an original Hurricane, Lampe helped give insight to how to improve the newest version. The improved 427 Roadster is true in quality and form to the previous Hurricanes, boasting the original fiberglass molds and precision steel-frame jigs. Improvements include floor-mounted foot pedals, white gel-coat foot boxes in the engine compartment and a riveted hood scoop.

“I chose to build the Roadster because I have always admired Hurricane’s attention to authenticity wherever possible,” Lampe said. “I love the balance between original design and modern performance. For me, this car is perfect.”

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Hurricane Motorsports is one of the most talked-about names in the replica car industry. The original company sold 122 high performance sports cars of stunning quality to enthusiasts around the world. The car built a reputation as the most accurate and complete replica car on the market. Scranton Manufacturing purchased the company in September of 2009, reviving production of the legendary car.