Hurricane’s Online Store Launches on All Cylinders

Gear & accessories now available through the car manufacturer’s website

When Scranton Manufacturing acquired Hurricane Motorsports in September 2009, the improved Hurricane 427 Roadster, known as the “legendary” #99, was the car that propelled Hurricane in new directions. Now with the online store, the Hurricane team is excited to push the brand further and provide enthusiasts with easy access to authentic Hurricane items.Hurricane Motorsports, maker of the 427 Roadster, just launched an online store for enthusiasts to adorn themselves — and their cars — with gear that expresses their passion for Hurricane. The “Hurricane Performance Shop,” launched on December 1, features clothing and accessories; ongoing expansion to the site will eventually include parts and upgrades. “We want to provide fans with items that articulate their passion for the Hurricane cars — and the lifestyle behind those cars,” said Mike McLaughlin, president of Scranton Manufacturing Co., Hurricane’s parent company. “The Performance Shop is just another step forward for Hurricane and enthusiasts since relaunching the brand.”

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Hurricane Motorsports is one of the most talked-about names in the replica car industry. The original company sold 122 high performance sports cars of stunning quality to enthusiasts around the world. The car built a reputation as the most accurate and complete replica car on the market. Scranton Manufacturing purchased the company in September of 2009, reviving production of the legendary car.